Elaborados Reydal

ELABORADOS REYDAL S.L. was born in 2002 in San Isidro with a desire to leave our mark in the high end, ready-cooked meal sector. We are convinced that in this modern society, with a deeper integration of women into labour market, food that is quick and easy to make will progressively experience a growth in demand, as long as it meets two necessary factors: the quality of its ingredients, and the ease of its preparation.


Our beginnings were almost like those of a family business, owing to a lack of resources that did not allow for any mechanization, but with the firm conviction that, little by little, one can go very far.

We started with the manufacture of a traditional product, dates stuffed with almond and wrapped in bacon, which we distributed in our home market, while trying at the same time to expand our area of operations.

In 2004 there was a contribution of economic resources, allowing us to start mechanizing our processes, to expand our market, and to add new products in the same vein: little sausages wrapped in bacon, and cheese portions, also wrapped in bacon.

Currently we are in the process of expanding into all markets, and we intend to obtain international quality certifications to help us in our endeavour.

ELABORADOS REYDAL S.L. plans to achieve such guarantee on food safety by implementing a Food Safety Management System based on the UNE-EN ISO 22000: 2005.

Management approaches its Food Safety Management System, and its systematic improvement, in order to meet the legal and regulatory requirements, as well as any mutually agreed requirements with our clients.

We guarantee the maintenance of an efficient communication system both internally and externally. ELABORADOS REYDAL S.L. ensures the availability of enough information regarding food safety, and makes sure it is conveyed externally (in computerized form) and internally, to all the staff.

Management therefore substantiates its compromise with food safety by means of its Food Safety Policy, as detailed below:

  • Proper development and implementation of a Food Safety Management System is the responsibility of everyone and has the full support of the Management.
  • The quality of our service is developed as part of our economic growth forecast.
  • The improvement of the provision of our services relies on an improvement of our resources, both human and material.
  • Customer loyalty is achieved by ensuring a high degree of satisfaction among them.

This quality policy is, like our company, in constant evolution, and is thus revised, to assure it remains adequate, at least in each General System Revision performed by the Management, and, additionally, each time that we review our food safety objectives, since it constitutes our reference framework to establish and define said objectives.

ELABORADOS REYDAL S.L.'s quality policy is the means by which we improve of our Food Safety Management System, and as such it is kept in a visible spot for all to see, and any changes to it are promptly conveyed to the staff so that they may be immediately put into practice at all levels.

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